Step 5: Top Cable Installation


  • Set up the top cable real the in the same manner as the bottom cable to ensure a smooth run out. Make sure all post caps are on tight. Cement at least some of the caps which may have a chance of coming up when the top cable is tightened(turns and end caps should also be secured).Spool off the cable and feed it through the post cap holes until reaching the stopping post location(no more then 250 foot spans for the top cable).
  • Use the same procedure as the bottom cable to fasten both ends of the top cable. Do not tighten the top cable completely until both the starting cable post and stopping cable post are securely braced. This will insure that those posts do not become un level during the tightening process. A good way to keep the ending and starting posts level is to cable them to the bottom of the next post on a 45* angle. The ending and starting posts may be all ready braced since they will generally be the end/corner/gate posts. Once these posts have been secured, tighten each end of the top cable. Check the post caps to make sure they have stayed in place.
  • Finish running out the top cable by doing this same procedure until the entire fence line has been covered.

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