Deer Fence Planning


STEP 1: Determine fence location.


  • Look for areas where there is minimal terrain changes.

  • Avoid 90-degree corners if possible–rounding corners makes for stronger fence.

  • Look for clear areas of property for fence line when possible to minimize amount of brush clearing.

  • Back yard and garden fences can use building structures (included house) to complete enclosure.

  • The best fence system is fully enclosed–with no openings, including the driveway.

  • The fence can weave throughout trees.

  • Trees can be used in place of posts, though we highly recommend using posts. We do not recommend using trees as corner or end posts.

STEP 2: Determine access and driveway gate size and locations


  • Keep in mind the size of any equipment or machinery that will be brought through the fence.

  • Access gates work best on level areas of fence line.

  • Driveway gates should be approximately 2 feet wider than driveway.

  • Driveway gates can be automated. We recommend and sell Mighty Mule automated gate systems.

  • An additional access gate can be added next to driveway gates for non-vehicle access. (Ideal for driveways with automated gates)

Double driveway gate system located 20 feet from road.

Double driveway gate system located 20 feet from road.

Need help planning your deer fence? Give us a call or send us an email. (photos of your property are helpful)

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