Step 7: Middle Deer Fence Cable Installation

  • Set up the cable spool at the starting post in the same manner as the top/bottom cable procedure. Check all of the 1 5/8” collars/eye bolts and make sure they are about 2-3 inches above the top of the metal fence.
  • Spool off the middle cable while placing the cable through each eye bolt on the fence posts. At the ending post(300’ or less) cut and leave about 2-3’ of extra cable to insure a smooth fastening situation.
  • Use the medium grip all(fastener) to hold the cable on the last eye bolt. Do not tighten
  • all the way.
  • Go back to the starting post and repeat this process.
  • You may tighten this cable snugly. Do not go to the other end to tighten.
  • At this point there should be a little flex in the middle cable at the far ending post where the cable has been terminated.  
  • Now use the hog ring gun to fasten the middle cable to the top of the metal fence(if you have both hog ring guns use the 9/16” for this process). Fasten the cable to the fence at 8-12” intervals. Do not get to close to the posts when fastening.
  • The closest a hog ring clip should go to a post is about 6 inches. Fasten the cable all the way through to the termination post. In some sections, the cable may be brought down into the fence mesh and fastened  below the top of the fence line(this gives added tension to needed areas). Double check the work on the middle cable and the rest of the metal fence and bottom cable. Do not install ground stakes until the top poly deer mesh has been stretched and vertically tightened.
DIY Deer fencing : Set up for spooling out your middle cable from a gate post.

DIY Deer fencing: Set up for spooling out your middle cable from a gate post.

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