Step 6: Metal Deer Fence Installation

  • Locate the starting post for the metal fence installation. If a hill is involved, it is much better to spin the roll of fence off down the slope as opposed to up. The metal fence runs out best if the roll faces  towards the deer side of the install line(diagram).  Fasten the end of the metal fence with the cable ties at the starting post and begin to spin out the fence roll towards the next post.  
  • Tighten and stretch the metal fence at every post. If  a post  is not level from the last post, cut and reattach the fence back to itself by using this special method(picture/video). We do recommend a 3/4 hog ring gun for this job, a 9/16” smaller gun may be
  • used if no 3/4 gun is available.
  • Run out the entire roll. If the fence roll does not make it to a post, fasten the start of a new roll at this
  • point with the hog ring gun.
  • Follow this process until all the metal fence is run out along the fence line. If the fence has some outward turns on
  • certain posts, use the double bond method to help secure the fence to the post.  
  • Now go back and attach the bottom cable to the metal fence and tighten the fence at each post. It is very important to keep the fence on the posts with ties/clips , especially in the event of a fence turn to the outside of the fence line(diagram/picture). The bottom of the fence should be fastened about every foot or so with a hog ring. It is good practice to raise the cable and fasten up a mesh block or so onto
  • the metal fence so that the fence is being pulled down to the ground. Do this in the middle sections between posts(picture/video). If there is an area of fence that is to high off of the ground, take a small section of fence(ends of rolls work best) and fasten it to the area which is raised up. Keep the extra section down below the bottom of the metal fence to insure no deer/rodents can pass under the fence. Go over the entire metal fence, double check the tightness and evenness to the ground. No ground stakes until the poly fence has been installed.

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