Step 3: Line Post Installation

  • Measure out (using a measuring tape reel) and mark the line post locations between the end, corner and gate posts. Keep the spacing between posts as even as possible.  Mild turns and hilly terrain require closer spacing of the posts.

PROFESSIONAL DEER FENCE TIP Spacing between posts on flat terrain should be between 10 and 14 feet. Spacing between posts on uneven and hilly terrain should be 8-12 feet.


  • Start a pilot hole for each post using a San Angelo digging bar. Keep the pilot holes alternating off of center for better tension of the deer fence system.

  • Use the post driver to install your reverse sleeve approximately 3 feet into the ground. (If any of the reverse sleeves need additional bracing a wood brace block or cement can be used at the  base of the reverse sleeve.)
  • Keep the reverse sleeves as level as possible. 


  • Slide the 1 3/8 inch brace band with eyebolt onto the sleeve and fasten at the bottom with the eyebolt facing out in a vertical position.
  • Fasten by hand or with a power driver and a 1/2 inch deep socket.

  • Slide the line post onto the sleeve and check for levelness.
  • Slide the 1 5/8 inch collar with eyebolt onto post and fasten about 2-3 inches above the height of what the bottom metal fence will be.
  • Keep  the eyebolt in a vertical position.
  • Install the post cap onto the post with the hole facing out. (rubber cement is optional)

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