Deer Love to Eat Your Plants!


After installing deer fences for the past 3 decades, we’ve learned a lot about deer. Here are a few of them:

  1. Deer will eat almost anything–especially plants containing high amounts of water.

  2. Deer know when your flowers are about to bloom, they will nip them off the night before the buds would be opening.

  3. A starving deer will eat almost anything, except a barberry bush.

  4. Deer will always try to go through or under a fence before trying to jump.

  5. Deer have poor eyesight so it is hard to determine the height of the fence– they don't want to jump over it.

  6. Deer will always find an open area that hasn't been fenced. We highly recommend a complete enclosure.

  7. A 7 foot deer fence is high enough for deer control in most situations.

  8. Deer paths can be altered by properly installing our full perimeter deer fence system.

  9. Deer fencing is necessary across a driveway, even if it is paved–deer aren't afraid to walk across asphalt.

  10. Deer are some what trainable. Within a few weeks of a deer fence installation, deer will form new habits and paths around the enclosure. Always make sure to check your new fence for any issues during the first few months after installation of your deer fence.