“We’ve had a terrific experience with the Benner Deer Fence Company.  When we purchased our home in 2009, the first thing we did was ask them to install a perimeter fence so that we could invest in gardens and landscaping without feeding the local herd.  From the very beginning, Benner has been prompt, competent, and a pleasure to work with.  They not only did a superb job building the fence initially, but have maintained it beautifully over the years.  We are extremely satisfied customers and would recommend Benner to anyone looking for a high-quality deer fence!” 

Greg, Bucks County, PA

Four years ago the Benner Deer Fence Company, BDFC, installed an 8 foot high wire fence around our half acre backyard.  Since then we have not had any deer inside and many fewer deer around the outside.  After one storm damaged the fence, BDFC came promptly and repaired it effectively. We are very happy with the appearance, the effectiveness, and the sturdiness of our BDF.
Lou Matlack, Bernardsville, NJ

We are so pleased to tell you how much we love the fence you installed back in 1997. It has held up quite well, with only minor repairs. We were also happy with the installation as your people were prompt, efficient, professional and courteous. The Benner Deer Fence Company proved to be the best choice having stood the test of time. As members of the Pa Horticultural Society, over the years the fence has allowed our property to mature into the envy of the neighborhood. Our plantings have increased enormously in value and we still get to say hello to our deer through the almost invisible fence. Thanks again, Benner Fence.
Paul R. Garrett, MD

Back a couple years ago, having a small herd of 23 deer living on our small wooded lot, was becoming a landscape nightmare and a true health hazard. The deer had destroyed every living green plant in my front yard adjacent to the lake and started entering the house looking for food. Myself and a few friends had already contracted Lyme's disease while working and gardening in the yard of my own home. We had tried every possible deer repellant or deterrent that was found on the market. Nothing was working.

A neighbor who was experiencing the same issue advised me to consider a Deer Fence with a gate as the only solution. I was worried about the appearance of a fence around part of my 5 acres and also how much it would cost but
started to look into getting someone to help with that possible solution.

I started with the research on the internet. It seemed that there were several references to a type of fence called the "Benner Fence" and several companies claimed to be able to provide estimates. After the first couple site visits I realize that a lot of individuals call themselves "Deer Fence Experts" when in fact they are landscapers and lawn maintenance companies looking for a bit of extra market share.

As I was interested in finding more details about this Benner Method that everyone was claiming to use, I found the website for Benner Deer Fence, the next day, they were at my home and provided me a complete estimate. 

So two years later my yard looks wonderful. We are able to plant any type of flower or shrub we want without any fear of it becoming part of the diet of the local heard. All is good. The best part about it is the Benner fence is nearly invisible. Other than the gate on the driveway most people visiting my home have no idea that there is a 7 foot fence around my property.
Mark Skeels
Lake Hopatcong, NJ


I can't say enough good things about my deer fencing and about The Benner Deer Fence Company. The deer fence has been keeping the deer out for two years now, and I continue to plant new gardens and trees without worry. Working with Benner Deer Fence was easy and frustration-free. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Their deer fencing really works and you will never again experience that feeling you get when you find your plants chewed to pieces! Absolutely worth it.

Suzanne Martin