Building a Fence

After many years of using a sledge hammer to bang sleeves into the ground, we developed a fence post installation technique called the reverse sleeve. It allows us to erect a deer fence of up to 9 feet without using a ladder or sledgehammer. The main benefit of this installation system is that our sleeve is inside of the post–therefore there is no way for water to get into the sleeve. Conventional sleeves fill with with water and can rust out in as little as five years. Other advantages of this unique technique are: the consistent height of each post, bottom metal cable attachment, a stronger post anchor and an overall easier post installation. Here are some specific benefits of our deer fence system.

Reverse Sleeve

The reverse sleeve (offered only at our shop) is a hollow, heavy gauge, galvanized metal pipe that penetrates the ground with relative ease. A hand held post driver is used to drive the sleeve about 3 feet into the ground. No need to get on your hands and knees to pound a sleeve in the ground with a sledge hammer.

Brace Band

Once the reverse sleeve is installed, a brace band is attached at ground level onto the reverse sleeves and holds the fence post on the ground pipe at a consistent height.

Support Cables

The bottom and middle horizontal support cables are fastened to the posts with black eyebolts. The top cable is secured by running it through a predrilled hole in the post cap.

We have two ways to install gates to allow for installation on flat ground as well as un-even areas of the fence line.

We offer a complete how-to guide for installing our deer fence system.


Strength and Longevity

To keep the deer fence contoured to the ground, we use a black metal cable that runs along the bottom of the fence. The cable is securely fastened to the bottom of each post with a brace band and eyebolt and then attached to the bottom metal fence with hog ring clips. 18 inch rebar ground stakes are used to further secure the fence to the ground. Both the metal cable and ground stakes ensure the fence stays taught to the ground and prevents deer and rodents from lifting up the fence.

Bottom metal fence is used to prevent rodent damage to the deer fence system. (rodents can chew through the polypropylene fence)

For a taught deer fence that flexes properly, we recommend post spacing of 10-14 feet for flat areas and shortening this span for turns, corners and hills.

To keep deer fence posts secure for years to come, all end and corner posts are braced and fastened into the next post. (exclusively from The Benner Deer Fence Company)

With all of our gate, corner and end posts, cement* can be used. (*necessary for all driveway gate posts)

Bottom metal fence is cut and reattached to follow terrain changes and secured and tightened with ties and hog ring clips. It is then vertically stretched between the bottom and middle cables.

For fence strength and longevity we use end post wrap and double bond installation methods.

 For soft and sandy soil, we offer a longer reverse sleeve for added stability.

Visually Appealing Deer Fence


Our deer fence installation system allows the fence to follow the contour of the land.

Every post is installed at the same height.

Poly and metal deer fence is cut and contoured to follow elevation changes. This technique allows the fence to be stretched properly while at the same time prevents the fence from buckling.

Black— everything is black. (except the reverse sleeve, but it is not visible in the finished product)


Deer Fence: Welded Metal Heavy Duty Perimeter, 14-gauge, 2-inch x 4-inch mesh design (various heights)
from 165.95

Heavy duty perimeter welded metal deer fence. Available in 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot.

SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot Thickness: 14 gauge, Mesh Design: 2 inch x 4 inch, Material: welded metal wire, Color: black

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If you prefer an entirely metal fence–we offer a variety of solutions, check out our shop.

Deer Fence: Maximum Duty Perimeter Polypropylene (various heights)
from 138.95

Maximum duty perimeter poly deer fence available in 5-foot, and 8-foot heights.
SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 5-foot, 8-foot, Material: 100% polypropylene plastic, Mesh size: 1 7/8-inch x 1 7/8-inch, Color: carbon Black, Life Expectancy: 20+ years, Breaking Strength: 950 lbs., Additional info: UV resistant, low visibility

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Revserse Sleeve (5 foot)

5 foot, galvanized metal pipe for reverse sleeve used to support black metal deer fence post. You will need a post driver for installation. *Driving cap is not needed for installation.
SPECIFICATIONS: Wall thickness: ss 20, Outside Diameter: 1.3125 inch

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All of our posts are made of steel with a black vinyl coating. We use different wall thicknesses based on the application.
LINE POST SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 5–9 feet, Wall thickness: 16 gauge, Outside diameter: 1 5/8 inch
CORNER, END AND ACCESS GATE POST SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 5–9 feet, Wall thickness: ss 20, Outside diameter: 1 5/8 inch
DRIVEWAY GATE POST SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 5–9 feet, Wall thickness: ss 20, Outside diameter: 2 ½ inch

Access gate system, 4 feet wide.

All of our gates are made of steel with a black vinyl coating.
SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 5–7 ½ feet, Width: 4–6 feet, Gate Frame: 1 3/8 inch 17 gauge black metal pipe

If you are looking for a wider access gate–we offer custom dual gate systems.

All of our gates are made of steel with a black vinyl coating.
SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 5–7 ½ feet, Width: 10–13 feet, Gate Frame: 1 3/8 inch 17 gauge black metal pipe

Top, Middle and Bottom Cable

Top, Middle and Bottom Cable


We offer three different cables.
TOP CABLE SPECIFICATIONS: Thickness: 8 gauge, Material: black nylon
MIDDLE CABLE SPECIFICATIONS: Thickness: 11 gauge, Material: black nylon
BOTTOM CABLE SPECIFICATIONS: Thickness: 8 gauge, Material: metal, coated in black PVC

We offer J Hook rebar ground stakes.
SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 12 inch and 18 inch, Diameter: 3/8 inch, Material: rebar

CABLE TIES: 14 inch self-locking, heavy duty, UV treated black cable ties
HOG RING CLIPS: We suggest ¾ inch Class 1, galvanized metal hog ring clips. We also offer 9/16 inch, galvanized metal hog ring clips