Step 4: Bottom Cable Installation

  •  Make sure the  cable is able to spin off of its real when pulled out. the cable to install it to the posts. Best method is to take a small diameter pipe about 3’ long and pound it in the ground next to your starting point post. Keep the distance(space) between the pipe and post a little further then the width of the cable real. Use re bar or a narrow metal pipe that has a length of about double the cable real and fasten this to one of the starting post with a cable tie(keep it far enough of the ground so that the cable real can spin freely). Slide the cable real onto the horizontal pipe and attach the other end of the pipe to the vertical pipe in the ground(use a cable tie and keep some what level). Now the cable  reel will be  free spinning so that it can be pulled out with ease.
  • Install the ground cable by spinning off the metal cable down the fence line. Slide the cable through each eye bolt(vertical) at the base of every post. The cable can usually go about 200’ or so feet without having to terminated(fastened). When the stopping point/post has been reached, cut the cable with the  deer fence multi tool. Make sure to leave about 2’ extra cable for fastening.  Use a large gripplel to fasten, slide the cable into the fastener following the arrow in one end and out the other.
  • Slide fastener up the cable in order to leave a few inches to tighten once the other end of  the cable is slid back into the fastener(picture/video clip). Do not tighten all the way at this end until the other end(starting point) of the cable has been secured in the same manner. Now go back to starting post and do the same procedure. Both ends can be pulled tight by holding the large fastener in one hand and pulling the cable with the fence tool/pliers the opposite way(picture). There is no need to purchase a expensive fastener tool for this procedure. For extra tightening, raise the fastener up and pull the cable through. Do not install the ground stakes until the end of the poly install process. The same bottom cable technique should be used to cover the remaining fence line.

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