How High Can Deer Jump?


We have been installing deer fence for about 25 years and only once did we see a deer clear an 8’ high fence. Generally, deer will only attempt to jump higher than 5’ when they are scared or startled. A deer will always try to go through rather then over a barrier. We have even seen them get down on their sides and wiggle under a fence.

We have installed deer fences up to 9’ high and as low as 5’ high–in certain situations. You can also use two fences side by side to act as a deer barrier. Use this set up in situations that require a lower fence. You can even angle fences to deter the deer from entering. Install a 7’ angled fence at around 40 degrees or so, then install a 5-6’ fence about 2-3’ from the base of the angled fence. This can act like a higher fence without sacrificing your view.

Remember, there is always a solution to your deer damage,  Do not rush to conclusions on having to install a super high fence to eliminate your deer issue. Deer will rarely jump higher than 6’ to get into a fenced in yard. Do your research to find out about your options.

Any questions about fence height or other deer fence topics, please feel free to contact us.

Posted on March 6, 2018 .