Pool Fence using alternative materials

Sometimes clients want to use their deer fence as a pool fence. This can be done as long as you have your lower portion of fence meeting the local pool fencing codes. Codes vary from area to area but generally they require at least a 4’ high fence with mesh openings of no greater than 2” x 4."

You may also have to keep your gates locked to meet regulations.

We usually propose doing 4’ high metal fence along the bottom with a mesh design of 2” x 2” and a thickness of 14 gauge. This lower fence can then be blended into the upper poly deer fence section at varying heights. Standard height for deer fencing is around 7’ on our installations.

This is a cost effective way to solve two issues with one fence–keep your flowers safe while you enjoy your new swimming pool enclosure.

Posted on February 5, 2018 .