Multipurpose dog and deer fence- How to Have both with one Fence

Over the past 25 years we have installed a lot of deer fence. Around 10 years ago we began to get more and more requests for dog fencing. With some outside the box thinking, we were able to come up with a dual solution to these requests.

Here are some main points for a deer and dog fence system:


  1. Try and fence an area that will be large enough for dogs but not to extensive that the deer relocation is not sever.

  2. Keep gates and hard turns to a minimum.

  3. Imagine your fence design from both the dogs and the deer's prospective.

  4. Use the correct product for the job. Smaller dogs only need a 2-3’ high metal fence along the bottom, while larger dogs require a 3-4’ high metal fence.

  5. Generally an effective dual dog and deer fence will have a height of 6-7’. Keep your fence as low as possible for your situation. We can help you determine what height you need- just ask.

  6. Don't have deer in your area? If you are just looking for a dog fence, we recommend 4-5' of metal fence.

  7. Questions? Call or email us directly.

Posted on January 23, 2018 .