Replacement Deer Fence Installation

Deer Fence before and after.jpg

A customer in Rhode Island requested the replacement of their old deer fence. The original fence was bird netting installed on metal T posts at 5’ high. We replaced that fence with 6’ high deer fence around 3 separate plant beds containing large shrubs. The deer had been browsing on the foliage and beginning to put some stress on the plants. For bed fencing we recommend using 6’ highh deer fence with metal fence along the bottom is a option. This bed fence design also includes an access gate for mulch and maintenance.

Posted on February 10, 2019 .

Dog and Garden Fence

dog and garden fence 6 foot

This deer/dog fence was recently installed in the Main Line Philadelphia area to keep a dog in and deer out. It has been working effectively with an overall height of 6 feet which corresponds to the local regulations for fence height. Notice how we put a 3-foot high metal fence on top of the rock landscape wall. From there we brought the fence over the rock wall out in the lawn and into a gate system then over to a 90-degree corner turn. This was done by using horizontal and angled brace pipe. Our deer fence system is highly customizable and versatile to work for most any space.

Posted on January 2, 2019 .

Custom Garden Deer Fence behind Retaining Wall

garden deer fence

There is no area that cannot be fenced in for deer control. This garden has a shape and location that is very unique. The owners had preciously installed a mix and match fence that just could not keep the deer and rodents out of the vegetable plantings. We had the old fence removed and installed this very nice '“L" shaped garden fence for deer and rodent protection. This pool and country side property now has deer proofing for 30 years or more courtesy of the Benner Deer Fence Company.

Posted on October 21, 2018 .

Extra Strong Deer Fence for High Pressure Deer Areas

IMG_3863 2.JPG

This perimeter deer fence was installed in Northern New Jersey where the deer pressure is extremely high. We used a blend of maximum duty polypropylene fence and metal fence for a total fence height of 7.5 feet. The metal section of fence reaches a height of 5 feet and overlaps the polypropylene fence across the high deer impact areas. A total of 4 horizontal cables are used with the two middle cables located at 2.5 feet and 5 feet. Posts are approximately 10 feet apart. This low visibility fence still provides extra protection for heavy deer pressure.

Posted on August 8, 2018 .

Small Garden Fence for Deer Protection


Here is a small garden fence with metal fence along the bottom to prevent rodents from chewing through the barrier. The fence is less than 100 feet so we were able to install a 6.5 foot high fence as opposed to the typical, 7 foot high fence. The far side features a 4 foot wide access gate. The fence took us about 5 hours to install. The average home owner can expect to take a full day or weekend to install. We offer garden fence kits in our store. If one of our pre-made kits doesn't work for you, we can put together a custom kit to suite your needs. 

Posted on July 17, 2018 .

Welded Wire Fence

metal deer fence

Here is a look at our welded wire fence supported by natural cedar posts. This fence is once of our best selling products, it is 2" x 4", 8' high and comes in 100 foot rolls. You can also install this fence easily using our reverse sleeve method.

Posted on May 6, 2018 .

How High Can Deer Jump?


We have been installing deer fence for about 25 years and only once did we see a deer clear an 8’ high fence. Generally, deer will only attempt to jump higher than 5’ when they are scared or startled. A deer will always try to go through rather then over a barrier. We have even seen them get down on their sides and wiggle under a fence.

We have installed deer fences up to 9’ high and as low as 5’ high–in certain situations. You can also use two fences side by side to act as a deer barrier. Use this set up in situations that require a lower fence. You can even angle fences to deter the deer from entering. Install a 7’ angled fence at around 40 degrees or so, then install a 5-6’ fence about 2-3’ from the base of the angled fence. This can act like a higher fence without sacrificing your view.

Remember, there is always a solution to your deer damage,  Do not rush to conclusions on having to install a super high fence to eliminate your deer issue. Deer will rarely jump higher than 6’ to get into a fenced in yard. Do your research to find out about your options.

Any questions about fence height or other deer fence topics, please feel free to contact us.

Posted on March 6, 2018 .

Pool Fence using alternative materials

Sometimes clients want to use their deer fence as a pool fence. This can be done as long as you have your lower portion of fence meeting the local pool fencing codes. Codes vary from area to area but generally they require at least a 4’ high fence with mesh openings of no greater than 2” x 4."

You may also have to keep your gates locked to meet regulations.

We usually propose doing 4’ high metal fence along the bottom with a mesh design of 2” x 2” and a thickness of 14 gauge. This lower fence can then be blended into the upper poly deer fence section at varying heights. Standard height for deer fencing is around 7’ on our installations.

This is a cost effective way to solve two issues with one fence–keep your flowers safe while you enjoy your new swimming pool enclosure.

Posted on February 5, 2018 .

Multipurpose dog and deer fence- How to Have both with one Fence

Over the past 25 years we have installed a lot of deer fence. Around 10 years ago we began to get more and more requests for dog fencing. With some outside the box thinking, we were able to come up with a dual solution to these requests.

Here are some main points for a deer and dog fence system:


  1. Try and fence an area that will be large enough for dogs but not to extensive that the deer relocation is not sever.

  2. Keep gates and hard turns to a minimum.

  3. Imagine your fence design from both the dogs and the deer's prospective.

  4. Use the correct product for the job. Smaller dogs only need a 2-3’ high metal fence along the bottom, while larger dogs require a 3-4’ high metal fence.

  5. Generally an effective dual dog and deer fence will have a height of 6-7’. Keep your fence as low as possible for your situation. We can help you determine what height you need- just ask.

  6. Don't have deer in your area? If you are just looking for a dog fence, we recommend 4-5' of metal fence.

  7. Questions? Call or email us directly.

Posted on January 23, 2018 .

New Item Coming Soon!

12" wide double access gate system on 2 1/2" gate posts for deer and dog fencing.

12" wide double access gate system on 2 1/2" gate posts for deer and dog fencing.

We are now offering double access and driveway gate systems to accompany our deer fence in both 1 3/8" and 1 5/8" diameter pipe soon. These gates are helpful when you occasionally need to access in or out of your deer fence for large vehicles. The cane bolt in the middle helps to keep the gate secure so you can use one side of the gate for pedestrian use in and out of your deer or dog fence. Please contact us for custom deer fence and dog fence systems and gates. We will be posting specs and details on these systems very soon.

Posted on October 9, 2017 .

Folding Gate


Our client has a unique situation where they needed a folding driveway gate because of limited driveway space off of the road. They asked for our help to come up with a solution. The gate (pictured above) is 16 feet wide and folds into 2 separate sections that are less than 4 feet wide.

Posted on July 20, 2017 .

No more Weeds!

Custom garden fence in suburban Philadelphia

Custom garden fence in suburban Philadelphia

We just installed a custom garden fence for a customer using 1/4" thick rubber mat by Bruckman Rubber C. made out recycled tires. The reverse sleeves were installed in pred-rilled holes in the rubber mat. We hope to offer this product as part of our garden kits in the future. Check out Bruckman's site.

Posted on May 30, 2017 .

Small Garden Fence

Small garden fence in Mainline, Philadelphia

Small garden fence in Mainline, Philadelphia

This 52 foot linear garden fence is all ready for plants. The client choose to purchase her own premade wood arbor gate and we put it up for her.

Posted on April 9, 2017 .